Digital Marketing For Painters.

We specialize in a targeted approach to lead generation for painters & general contractors who do painting related work.

Expansion starts with the right painter marketing strategy.

ServiceMogul Digital works with painting companies because we know how critical these services are for a successful home renovation, repair job or new build. When it comes to creating your painter marketing strategy, we take into account the different needs that homeowners & property managers have related to painting, and deliver strategies that capture this need when it matters most. There are 100 000 searches for painting related words across the united states every single year, which poses a significant opportunity for painting companies to get their service offering in front of customers. We’ll develop a marketing strategy which includes everything from website design to campaign creation & optimization.

We’ll help you generate and close more painting project leads through our revenue acceleration framework.

Our painter marketing strategies are dialed in to the realities of the painting industry and tailored for customers that require the services of location specific painting companies. This means conducting thorough research before putting a plan in place that will connect your services with qualified customers who will do business with your company now and in the long term.

We take your goals very seriously and do everything we can to ensure you get the results you deserve.

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Local Seo For Painters

Optimizing your SEO strategy for painting leads is a difficult task granted all the competition present in your industry. We know how to read between the lines when conducting cleaning SEO research, and can ensure that your well-positioned to show up in search engines for your services. 

As part of our revenue acceleration framework, we implement a variety of SEO focused activities that put your business front and center in the search engines.

Facebook Ads For Painting Companies

If you're a painting company looking to expand your online advertising beyond search engines, social media can be a powerful tool for painters looking to reach new customers.

Facebook ads for Painters allow you to target customers based on a variety of factors, including location, demographics, interests, and behaviours, so that your ads are shown to the right people at the right time.

Google Ads For Painters

Google Ads for painting companies is a powerful advertising channel that can help you reach your customers with precision and efficiency.

Painting PPC (pay-per-click) advertising allows you to bid on specific Painting keywords that are relevant to your business, so that your ads are shown to users who are actively searching for Painting services in your area.

Painter Website Design

Having a well-maintained, professional website design is important for maximizing painting leads. This means that your brand assets should be crisp and presentable with fluency throughout your entire website and that information is delivered in a way that encourages customers to get in touch.

We can create an effective website that compliments your overall marketing strategy and accelerates revenue and overall lead generation.

Common issues we see with painter marketing strategies:

Consistent Lead Flow vs. Inconsistent Lead Flow

You are getting a few leads here and there from your online advertising strategy but lack consistency overall. This makes it difficult to accurately plan your workload for your employees and subcontractors.

We can create more consistency in your painting lead generation strategy so that you have clarity around your operations.

Costs vs Profits

If your campaigns aren’t optimized effectively, you could be missing out on profits, therefore increasing your costs. We can identify areas of improvement with a simple audit of your current website and campaigns.

Poor Quality Painting Leads vs. Good Quality Painting Leads

Someone enters a search into google, calls you, and asks for something that your business doesn’t offer. We can make sure when customers call or fill out a form on your painting website, they are looking for what you offer.

We’ll treat your businesses marketing strategy with the same level of care we would treat our own.

We’ve been here before and know how important the work
you do is and that getting the word out is essential to building your customer base in the long term.

Our marketing strategies include:

A well-designed website that will drive leads.

Reputation management process that is automated
and systemized.

Getting you in the right directories.

Website chat feature.

Email marketing.

Lead generation & follow-up process.

Ready to turn it
up a notch?

We’re dedicated to elevating the industry standard for home services marketing through transparency, quality customer relationships & the best possible technology available. Partnering with us means getting serious about your home services marketing strategy.

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Looking to learn more about our revenue acceleration framework? Request the home services revenue acceleration blueprint for a complete outline of our full-funnel advertising strategy for home services companies.

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Revenue acceleration turnkey approach For home services companies:

- Website Graphics

- Copywriting

- Search Engine Ranking

- Automated Website Chat

- Automated Follow Ups

- Google & Facebook Ads

- Reputation Management

- Call Tracking

Working exclusively

- Electricians

- Renovators

- Cleaners

- Solar Providers

- Landscapers


- Pest Control

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