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Is that the total cost for services?

Based on the size and scope of the project, pricing may vary in comparison to what's listed on the website. Without a thorough evaluation of your current marketing strategy, it's difficult to quote a complete price.

Are there any extra costs?

We take the approach of scaling your marketing strategy over time which would involve additional costs as your revenue increases. We only introduce additional costs if it will result in additional revenue return and if your campaigns have already seen success in the past.

How do I pay for services?

We will provide you with a digital invoice & payment portal which you can use to pay your initial fee. From there, you will be charged monthly on the agreed upon payment date that we establish.

Do you offer alternative payment plans?

We can only operate on a monthly or yearly payment model due to overhead costs associated with the account such as ad spend directly to platforms. On yearly plans, we can offer discounts on management fee's.

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ServiceMogul Digital is a home services & commercial contractor marketing agency. Through our revenue acceleration framework, we help home services companies generate more consistent, quality leads.

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