Digital Advertising For Construction Companies

We specialize in a targeted approach to lead generation for construction companies and general contractors.

Expansion starts with the right construction marketing strategy.

Between the United States, Canada & The United Kingdom, google estimates that there are over 800 000 searches for construction related keywords per month. This means that optimizing your construction digital marketing strategy is essential when it comes to growing your business and optimizing both the quantity and quality of projects that you’re able to take on. At ServiceMogul Digital, we specialize in construction marketing, construction website design, and a variety of digital advertising strategies that are proven to generate qualified leads for your business. We come equipped with a variety of construction advertising ideas and the capability to execute in a manner that is profitable and efficient.

We’ll help you generate and close more construction project leads through our revenue acceleration framework.

Our construction marketing strategies are dialled in to the realities of the construction industry and tailored for customers that require the services of location specific construction companies. This means conducting thorough research before putting a plan in place that will connect your services with qualified customers who will do business with your company now and in the long term. We take your business goals very seriously and do everything we can to ensure you get the results you deserve.

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Advertising Strategy

Local Seo For Construction Companies

When it comes to shaping your Construction SEO strategy, it's important to take into account a variety of factors related to keyword competition and the services you offer. We're versed in a variety of SEO strategies for construction companies and can implement a framework that increases your overall search volume. Within 3-6 months, you'll see a noticeable uptick in the amount of leads coming in from SEO, and we'll continue to scale our strategy over time to ensure you'll getting maximum results.

Facebook Ads For Construction Companies

As an construction company, mastering facebook ads can take time & expertise that isn't always accessible in-house. We can develop a comprehensive construction advertising strategy that drives new leads on the facebook platform, contributing to consistent overall revenue growth for you company. This includes campaign research & planning, campaign set-up, campaign optimization while ensuring your lead flow is systemized to meet the demands of your fast moving business.

Google Ads For Construction Companies

A successful google advertising strategy requires the right framework for evaluating keywords, competitors, and information relevant to your specific area. When we conduct construction search campaigns we ensure that we're taking everything into account so we can optimize your campaigns from day one. We'll do a deep dive into your current campaigns or start new ones to figure out the best way to optimize your lead flow from this critical marketing channel.

Construction Company Website Design

An attractive website that is easy to use & feels modern and professional is an essential asset to your business. When it comes to creating a lead generation system, this piece is critical. We'll do an audit on your current website to identifies areas of improvement or start from the beginning by researching competitors in your area. From there we'll create a website that drives bottom-of-the-funnel conversions and connects your company with new lead opportunities when it matters most.

Common issues we see with construction marketing strategies:

Consistent lead flow vs. inconsistent lead flow.

You are getting a few leads here and there from your online advertising strategy but lack consistency overall. This makes it difficult to accurately plan your workload for your employees and subcontractors.

We can create more consistency in your Construction lead generation strategy so that you have clarity around your operations.

Costs vs Profits

If your campaigns aren’t optimized effectively, you could be missing out on profits, therefore increasing your costs. We can identify areas of improvement with a simple audit of your current website, and recommend areas of improvement.

Poor Quality Electrician Leads vs. Good Quality Electrician Leads

Someone enters a search into google, calls you, and asks for something that your business doesn’t offer. We can make sure when customers call or fill out a form on your Construction website, they are looking for what you offer.

We’ll treat your businesses marketing strategy with the same level of care we would treat our own.

We’ve been here before and know how important the work you do is and that getting the word out is essential to building your customer base in the long term.

Our marketing strategies include:

A well-designed website that will drive leads.

Reputation management.

Getting you in the right directories.

Website chat feature.

Email marketing.

Lead generation & follow-up process.

Ready to turn it
up a notch?

We’re dedicated to elevating the industry standard for home services marketing through transparency, quality customer relationships & the best possible technology available. Partnering with us means getting serious about your home services marketing strategy. Are you ready to take the call?

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Looking to learn more about our revenue acceleration framework? Request the home services marketing blueprint for a complete outline of our full-funnel advertising strategy for home services companies.

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Revenue acceleration turnkey approach for home services companies:

- High Quality Design & Development.

- Copywriting & Graphics

- Search Engine Ranking

- Guaranteed Lead Generation Process

- Automated Website Chat

- Automated Follow Ups

- Reputation Management

- Call Tracking

Working exclusively

- Construction Companies

- Solar Providers

- Renovators

- Home Automation

- Solar Providers

- Landscapers


- Plumbers

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